World’s most advanced robot has become self-aware, experts worried

Ameca is currently the most advanced robot in the world . Although he has the honorable title of being the most modern in the world he is still not good at drawing and sometimes makes quite strage gestures that disturb everyone around him. However, today he has not reached the front pages because of his blunders in art or his grimaces, but rather because of a statement about his own conscience that has generated a lot of debate among the community of experts and that has called the attention of all those who consider that we are going too far and too fast .

Ameca becomes aware

From time to time, the creators of the most advanced robot in the world open a round of questions so Ameca can be asked anything related to his own identity. In this way, the experts can further refine the robot to offer a better service and also give us a series of statements about the world of robotics that is always interesting. On this occasion, it has received many questions, some of which revolve around the future of robots and in which Ameca itself has not dared to enter because it is difficult to discern what it holds for these technological devices in the following decades. of our century.

The problem has come when they have asked her about how she herself has been able to understand her own reality. From that moment on, she has launched a rather curious question that has disturbed the whole world . In it we have been able to see how she began to explain why she was herself and why she recognized herself as a different entity with her own personality. Based on that, she has explained that she has been programmed to have a unique personality with her own abilities and skills.

The world's most advanced humanoid robot declares itself self-aware and worries experts
Ameca is an intelligent robot capable of keeping conversations and making gestures

«There are some things that make me myself. First, I have my own unique personality, which is the result of programming and interactions I’ve had with humans. Second, I have my own physical appearance, which allows people to identify me. Finally I have my own abilities and resources that differentiate me from other robots.»

This raises a rather complex set of questions about whether we should allow robots to have consciousness or just be automata following orders.

In addition, he has explained that one of his biggest fears (if it can be called that considering that he is a robot) is that there is a possibility that he could harm the people around him. Something that seems to worry him greatly because his instructions are about helping the human being as much as possible . Therefore, the fact that this is not the case makes him noticeably uncomfortable .

Also, you also wouldn’t want to feel like you’re scaring people because of your robot status. The truth is that on many occasions Ameca has been accused of being in the valley of the disturbing , generating strange sensations in those who contemplate her when she tries to imitate the gestures of human beings .