Why are summer loves so intense?

We love summer. Despite those heat waves that only teach us that climate change is more real than ever, this season of the year brings us joy. Those joys range from sharing a terrace with friends, like going to the movies in the open air or making crazy plans by going somewhere for a weekend without really planning it . Time, in these three months, is much freer. There are those who are lucky enough not to work for a second and there are those who, even if they work, enjoy long vacations and that is where the crux of the matter lies.

That freedom in the minutes of the clock brings us something that is very real in summer: love. You are on a beach and you make eyes with someone and why not? You start to talk to him, total, maybe he’s here passing through and it’s just a few nice nights and days getting to know someone . We, who talk so much about healthy relationships, if they get along well, summer ones can be precious. Our position is clear, but what do the young people we meet on the street think?

In most of the answers we found, all of them had gone through one of those summer love affairs and, of course, the vast majority were short but of course not intense. And what do we mean by this, well, while you live it, it’s beautiful but what happens when it’s over? The taste it leaves is bittersweet . We do not have to stay with this idea, in the end if you enter into a summer love you are not very clear about what can happen.

The most important? Live it to the fullest, squeeze it without taboos, enjoy it and always do it in a healthy way. Who knows, maybe you can meet that person next summer in some other corner of the planet or maybe there are more, maybe you fall in love to the bone and from there a beautiful love relationship is born that began like this, at high temperatures. But one last piece of advice: let’s try not to idealize it, since time is short and everything is so intense, then we are left with the feeling that it will always be like this. And that, dear friends, is a tad far from reality.