Things Artificial Intelligence is not able to do (yet)

A lot has been said lately about AI, it is everywhere: advances in the generation of texts using Artificial Intelligence, the creation of BARD by Google to compete with ChatGPT, Microsoft incorporating AI into its Bing search engine and its Edge browser… In short, news at all hours.

Ok, we have Artificial Intelligence everywhere BUT to this day, there are still many things that -at least for now- a machine is not capable of doing. We show you a list of things that, yes or yes, only a human being can still do:

1) Understand and express feelings and emotions . Artificial intelligence has not yet reached a high enough level of understanding to be able to detect and express feelings autonomously. So don’t fall in love (yet) with an android.

2) Think creatively . Artificial intelligence cannot generate innovative and novel ideas without the contribution of human thought. Or so we think.

3) Perform subtle tasks . Artificial intelligence cannot detect and react to subtle and in many cases delicate situations. Small nuances that only a human can perceive.

4) Interpretation of texts . Artificial intelligence cannot read and understand a text in the same way as a human. Things like double meanings, colloquialisms or local idioms still resist machines. Suck on that, Skynet.

5) Make ethical decisions . Machines cannot make ethical decisions and take human factors into account. This point is very key: your decisions will always be cold and rational. What breaks our brains is with better long-term overall results? Well, luckily humans have disciplines such as bioethics to deal with this type of issue and make HUMAN decisions.

6) Perform manual tasks. Artificial intelligence cannot work with its hands to perform manual activities.

7) Understand the language . Artificial intelligence cannot understand all the subtleties of language, such as jokes, irony, and double meanings.

8) Understand the culture . Artificial intelligence cannot understand and apply cultural norms and values.

9) Solve unstructured problems . Artificial intelligence cannot yet solve complex problems that do not have a clear answer.

10) Generate art. Artificial intelligence cannot yet generate works of its own, such as paintings, sculptures, music, or poetry. Of course, in a couple of years (or less) we will comment on this point again.

11) Negotiate . Artificial intelligence cannot negotiate effectively, as it lacks the ability to interpret the intention of the other party.

12) Make emotional decisions . Artificial intelligence cannot make decisions based on feelings like love, fear, or greed.

13) Understand ethics . Artificial intelligence cannot understand ethical principles and values ​​on its own, but needs the guidance of a human being.

14) Perform mechanical tasks . Artificial intelligence cannot perform mechanical tasks, such as welding or construction, without human help.

15) Understand philosophy . Artificial intelligence cannot deal with deep philosophical issues, such as good and evil, love, justice, or freedom.

16) Carry out leadership activities . Artificial intelligence cannot inspire and motivate other people to achieve the desired results.

17) Make strategic decisions . Artificial intelligence cannot make long-term strategic decisions that involve understanding human nature.

18) Design products. Artificial intelligence cannot yet design products and services that meet the wishes of consumers.

19) Generate 100% original content . Artificial intelligence cannot yet generate original content in the form of poetry, fiction, newspaper articles, or advertising content.

20) Provide deep understanding . Artificial intelligence cannot provide a deep understanding of complex topics, such as religion, history, or spirituality.

In conclusion, despite technological advances, there are many things that still require human intervention. Artificial intelligence is helping to make our lives a bit easier, but there are still many tasks that cannot be done by technology, so they inevitably require human intervention. At least, until now…