These are the best plants for bathroom decoration

Every corner of your home can be suitable to put a plant, you just have to find the right one. Not all plants have the same needs for light, temperature and space, therefore it is essential to find the most practical ones to give life to each corner. Today we show you the best plants to decorate your bathroom and what care you should take into account.

Decorating with plants is a safe bet, they will purify the air and provide a natural touch that always feels great in a home. In addition, there are some that require so little care that they are suitable for everyone, even for those who are just starting out in the world of gardening. One of the most complicated places for plants are bathrooms, but with these varieties you will not fail.

Why is it important to choose the right bathroom plants?

The bathroom is often one of the least lit rooms in homes and all plants need light to thrive and grow. If we add a humid environment and constant temperature changes to the lack of light, it may seem like an impossible mission to find a plant that adapts to the space. However, there are plants that are true all-rounders and will resist the conditions wonderfully and others that will love the humid environment that is achieved in the bathroom.

We don’t leave you with the desire for more time and we go with the best plants so that you can decorate your bathroom like a magazine, with little effort. Just by adding a couple of plants, you will get a renovated decoration full of life. It will become your favorite room!

The best plants to decorate your bathroom

Potho (Epipremnum aureum)

Having plants in the bathroom is possible and the poto is proof of this. It is a classic that never fails for interiors and is so easy to care for, that it will surely adapt wonderfully to your bathroom. They do well in shady spots and humid environments, so the bathroom sounds like a great option for them.

You will only have to watch out not to overdo the risks, they need little water and more if they are in a humid environment. We recommend you water it only when you notice the dry land. Remember that if you water it too much, you could flood its roots and it would end up dying.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera belongs to the cactus family, but it will do well in places with little light. It is a very resistant plant, it can go weeks without watering it and it will maintain itself wonderfully, with the steam from the shower it will feel at home and it will absorb all the humidity in the environment.

We recommend you check your land and water it if you see that it is very dry, especially during the hottest months. Easy to care for, pretty and very useful, because the gel inside it will be your best ally to heal small cuts, burns or even annoying insect bites that visit us in summer. It has everything to be your new addition!


Another all-rounder in the world of plants is the sanseviera, this plant has elongated leaves and different shades of green. It is ideal for indoors and will adapt wonderfully to all conditions. It does not need a lot of light to thrive and will thrive in humid environments and with changes in temperature.

It belongs to the succulent family, plants that stand out for storing the water they receive in their leaves, so it is not very demanding when it comes to watering. You should avoid watering it too much, only when you see that its soil is dry.


The fern is a classic that never goes out of style among indoor plants. It will thrive in low light, making it a great alternative for indoor bathrooms, and it needs a lot of humidity to thrive, so the steam from your shower will be more than welcome.

If you keep it in the bathroom and hot showers are your thing, the plant will be more than satisfied with the steam it absorbs. During the hottest months, you can help it with a little water, you can even spray its leaves so that they stay in their best condition in the face of high temperatures.

indoor ivy

Indoor ivy is a true survivor among plants, it does not require a lot of light to live and we must always avoid direct sunlight, as its leaves can easily burn.

What it does need to live is a good portion of humidity, so there is no better room for indoor ivy than the bathroom. You can place it on a shelf near the shower and it will be more than happy with the steam from your showers.


Do you have little space in the bathroom, but do not want to give up a charming decoration? Nothing better than Peperomia for your home. It is a small and compact plant, ideal for places with little space. It does not require much light and there are so many varieties of colors and shapes that you will surely find the ideal one for your bathroom.

It is not recommended to water it very frequently, once a week will be more than enough, especially if it is in a humid environment.


The Orchid is a plant for more experienced gardening lovers, it is not easy to care for and its needs can be demanding, but when you get it right, it gives you more than beautiful flowers. The humidity in the bathroom will make you feel at home, but we only recommend putting it in if your bathroom has natural light.

It doesn’t like direct sun, but it needs a light environment to grow and flower properly. In addition, its pot must be transparent, so that the light also reaches its roots.

These plants will show you that it is possible to have a bathroom from a magazine with little effort and they will look great with your decoration. They are a ‘must’ without which you will not be able to live once you see how they look.