Mattel introduces Weird Barbie Doll after the success of the film

From Mattel they have always strived to give children what they did not know they needed, and it was not going to be less with their star product, Barbie, which this summer has caused us all to immerse ourselves in a world of pink fantasy, very pink. A world in which there are dolls for all tastes, and when we say everyone, we mean everyone, because Mattel has already launched the most anticipated doll that the public has known thanks to the Greta Gerwig film: the Weird Barbie.

Weird Barbie, based on the character played by actress Kate McKinnon, has become one of the favorites of the millions of viewers who have already seen the film in theaters and, as expected, it has become a blockbuster. sales after launch.

Since last Friday, lovers of the famous Barbie can already include the Weird Barbie in their collection, available to reserve from August 18 at Mattel for 50 dollars (about 45.50 euros, in exchange) and that will go on sale to the public on May 31, 2024.

«If anyone knows anything about how to keep things weird, that’s Weird Barbie,» writes the toy company on its official website, which shows its version of the doll, dressed in an outfit inspired by the one that can be seen McKinnon in the film and similar styling.

Kate McKinnon plays the Rare Barbie.

An addition to the collection that will surely have the approval of Gerwig herself, director of the successful film, to the history of the doll that has been taken to the movies, because as she confessed to Rolling Stone magazine, the Barbie she saw the most in her childhood they were basically inherited and «weird»: «It almost felt like a spiritual conduit to the world of the game through Barbie,» she confessed to the publication.

Rare Barbie is here to stay.

However, the first ones who have criticized whether this Weird Barbie is as “weird” as it should have already come out, since we have all had a Barbie in our hands that has survived countless adventures in all kinds of settings; including washing machines and impossible haircuts.

Whether or not it will succeed among its demanding children’s audience will have to be seen, but that it continues to be as «weird» as Mattel sells it or that children turn it into their own versions of rarity, it is practically taken for granted.