Bear face spotted on the surface of Mars

HiRISE experts, who have been circling Mars since 2006, have released a photograph of what appears to be the face of a teddy bear on the planet’s surface , taken on December 12, 2022. This high-resolution imaging science experiment is one of the six instruments of the Orbiter, which allows to have a great detail of the surface to prepare missions, both human and robots.

Although obviously it is an optical effect, the truth is that the image is super curious and makes you think. Here it is, judge for yourself:

A bear face on Mars?

Over the past ten years, the team has managed to take photos of sliding avalanches and discovered dark currents that could be some kind of liquid. In addition, they encountered dust eddies fluttering on the Martian surface, and a shape that to some looked very much like the sign of Starfleet from Star Trek. Marketing or something happens on Mars?