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Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.

The lineup: Nai Palm (vocals, guitar), Simon Mavin (keyboards), Paul Bender (bass, production), Perrin Moss (drums, production).

The background: Hiatus Kaiyote are a soul group – or «future-soul» group, as they call themselves – for people who listen to Flying Lotus and J Dilla, whose conception of soul is of a music that, at its most expansive and experimental, can incorporate elements of jazz, hip-hop, glitchy electronica, prog and rock. Put it this way: Prince tweeted about the Australian quartet recently,and Animal Collective love them, as does Ahmir «Questlove» Thompson of the Roots. «Once in a blue moon, something moves me so much I’m willing to alienate friends when an UNDENIABLE project comes along,» he gushed. «THIS is that project.» Erykah Badu, too, is in thrall to their off-kilter melodies and fuzzy performances that were born out of jam sessions that were particularly free of form. «OK,» she declared. «I’m done. In love.»

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Apparently, their star fans discovered the band via a sort of Chinese Whispers: »Dave from Animal Collective heard it on the radio, he showed it to Angel from Dirty Projectors, Angel showed it to Questlove, Questlove showed it to James Poyser who works as main writer for [Erykah] Badu, he hipped her to it, since then, it’s been pretty crazy,» explained singer and guitarist Nai Palm, whose songs function as a way for her to «process grief» while also exploring her feelings about «the natural world and other cultures». The band’s name, meanwhile, is a neologism, conflating «peyote» (a plant with psychoactive properties) and «coyote», designed to evoke «a sort of Native American Indian shamanistic vibe». Their album Tawk Tomahawk, which you can sample on Spotify, reflects their hippie, trippy sensibilities. It’s dreamadelic soul – they have a track titled The World It Softly Lulls – that fits very nicely alongside the new wave of black-psych American acts written about in the Guardian last year, all rippling effects and stuttering instrumentation. The songs, vehicles for the free expression of Naim’s troubled psyche, veer from drowsy, soporific funk to more angular numbers with quirky time signatures and others that could be phantasmagoric new age with a touch of cool jazz. A lot of it sounds improvised, but it all should work as a fillip for Monday-morning blues. And we haven’t even mentioned their forthcoming second album, due to feature a track about «a sexually ambiguous dolphin called Tonay who is on his way across the ocean to meet his estranged Dad and confront him about the Christmas that tore them apart». Just wait till Prince hears that, he’ll go into Tweet overdrive.

The buzz: «Oh. My. Gawd. This. Is. Dope» – Ahmir «Questlove» Thompson of the Roots.

The truth: If it’s good enough for Prince …

Most likely to: Softly lull.

Least likely to: Go on hiatus before they finish that polymorphous dolphin song.

What to buy: You can hear the album Tawk Tomahawk on Spotify.

File next to: J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Little Dragon, Erykah Badu.

Links: hiatuskaiyote.bandcamp.com.

Tuesday’s new band: Jake Emlyn.

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