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Azealia Banks

Where and when

Other Stage, 3.15pm

Dress code

Dungarees, baseball caps and full 90s revival gear

What happened

There’s been a sort of pleasant roundness to most performers at Glastonbury this year, and you’d be hard-pushed to find anything that would sound out of place on Radio 2, though this is, perhaps, more an indictment of the current state of the music industry than Glastonbury’s bookers. So it’s an undeniable thrill to see Azealia Banks spitting her way through a series of booming, bass-heavy, rave-inflected tracks that take in the New York drag scene, being a bad bitch, and how fierce she is. It helps that she looks like a refugee from Camden cybergoth shop Cyberdog (who have a stall here), all decked out in neon rubbery spines, while two queens vogue away behind her. «I got in a lot of trouble for releasing this song,» she admits, launching into her Harlam Shake, with a Born Slippy teaser. «But y’all know I don’t give a fuck.» That attitude is very, very welcome right now.

Who’s watching

Rabid fans on the front rows, plus baffled punters waiting for 212.

High point

Obviously, it’s 212. Hearing a field full of people shouting, «I guess this cunt gettin’ eaten» while they pump the air is definitely bracing.

Low point

Her between-songs patter didn’t really set the field on fire: «This is a great achievement for me!» Great!

In a tweet

Bitch I’m in the 212, right round the corner from that bacon stand near the bar.

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