After first launching a desktop music player (complete with built-in MP3 store) on PC, Amazon is today bringing Cloud Player to OS X. Just as before, the company is touting the app as a one-stop shop for all of your music needs; Cloud Player combines any existing music stored on your Mac with your cloud library of Amazon purchases. Songs can be streamed from the web or downloaded for offline playback, and Amazon MP3 offers over 25 million songs for immediate purchase inside the app. In our brief initial hands-on with Cloud Player, everything worked just as expected, and did so rather quickly. Amazon says Cloud Player is «built for speed,» and that comes across when using it. We doubt Apple is all that concerned about Amazon’s increased presence on OS X, but Cloud Player is a great new addition for users already invested in the company’s ecosystem. And even if you’re not, it’s an easy way in; 69 cent songs and $5.00 albums are given prominent placement in the store, making those impulse purchases all too easy.